Carlisle area's finest, one of a kind, hand crafted originals.

As of January 1, 2014,  the Colucci & Company Retail business was sold. I am currently focusing on wholesale and consignment accounts. Listed below on the right are the galleries that now carry my work. I have plans in the very near future to restructure this site and add e-commerce so you may be able to purchase certain lines of jewelry through the site.

I believe that mass production should be limited to fast food and cars.  Simple settings using sheet, tube and wire.  The art of fabrication, which by definition means” to construct by combining or assembling diverse, typically standardized parts” is what I love to do!  I have learned immensely by trial and error(s) and strive to continue to learn new techniques and grow as an artist.  Enjoy looking at some of the Sterling Silver jewelry I have created.  I am fabricating new jewelry on a regular basis. If a ring, pendant or slide you desire has been sold, I will gladly assist  you in choosing a stone from my ever expanding collection and create one just for you!! In addition to fabricating I have been having tons of fun with wax and I have a new “Textured Tiles” Line of Jewelry.  Each individual piece is created in wax and then cast in Sterling Silver.